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Types of work

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  • Short-term Counselling (up to 10 to 20 meetings) for increasing/developing
    • understanding of problems/difficulties
    • understanding of self
    • awareness of feelings


  •  Long-term Counselling (up to 30 to 40 meetings) for increasing/developing
    • understanding of problems/difficulties, understanding of self, awareness of feelings
    • internal resources (for example understanding what you ‘bring’ to a situation, appreciation of your sense of a situation)


  • Focused Counselling (1 to 3 meetings)working rapidly and intensively on your problem(s)/difficulty(ies) you already have a developed understanding of.


  • Single/One-off meeting for
    • trying counselling out/seeing what counselling is like
    • brief support with a problem/difficulty already worked on (for example in previous counselling)