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What is Person-centred/experiential counselling?

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The person-centred/experiential counsellor aims to set in motion a process whereby the client comes to re-examine some or many of his/her beliefs and ideas about him/herself.



Person-centred/experiential counselling assumes that it is often the insurmountable or out-of-balance weight of values and expectations upon you that are not necessarily you own that lead you to your difficulty, distress or dissatisfaction.

In an open and accepting climate you may come to feel freed to gently regain a sense of yourself that is more authentic and better fitting for you allowing you to feel more at ease.






I aim to provide an unconditional acceptance that is safe, warm and respectful of what and how you are. I follow your lead and try to understand things from your point of view.

I don’t:

  • offer/give advice/firm direction
  • usually offer/provide information
  • suggest/encourage a course of action (although I may, if you appear receptive to it, suggest you continue working on what we worked on outside our meeting or other ways to foster awareness such as keeping a diary)
  • make a decision/decisions on ‘what’s wrong’ (although I will try to understand the ‘crux’ of your difficulties)



For further information see ‘What is Counselling & Is it Right for Me?’ by clicking here or here (pdf version).


(For more detailed information see my website on person-centred/experiential counselling (‘Some Information and Links to Information about Person-Centred/Experiential Counselling/Psychotherapy’). For more detailed information about my practice as a person-centred/experiential counsellor click here.)