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  • Standard fee – £40 per meeting (first meeting – £30 (3/4 price)). 
  • Reduced fee – £30 per meeting (first meeting – £25 (5/6 price)) if
    • opt-in to my research into the effectiveness/helpfulness of counselling (click here for details), or
    • on a low income, or
    • a student. 
  • Initial 20-minute meeting online – free.

If this is unaffordable for you please let me know – I can send you details of counselling agencies in the area who offer free or low-cost counselling.


If possible please contact me within 36 hours of our meeting if you need to cancel for any reason – this will allow me to cancel the room booking. If this isn’t possible I would be grateful if you paid the room fee of £11. If I need to cancel a meeting for any reason (eg unwell, emergency) I will, if possible, contact you within 36 hours of our meeting.


Payment methods: 

  • Cash
  • Debit card or credit card – please click here to do this.
  • with your PayPal account – please click here to do this. (Note that there is a 3.4% + 20p fee for credit card payments whereas payments from your bank account are free.)
  • Bank transfer – my bank details are: Sort Code: 089250  Account number: 68708616.