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What is counselling?

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It is often difficult to have or find the space to encounter the many difficulties, changes and challenges life brings and the result can be distress in various forms – confusion, anxiety, depression, loss of confidence or self-esteem, a lack of meaning or sense of stability or purpose…

Counselling can be a supportive space to help find a way forward when things are difficult or impossible to bear and a safe space to explore new or unknown aspects of yourself.

In counselling we

    • meet privately and confidentially
    • have space to be with or explore your concerns, distress, dissatisfaction or difficulty…


I aim to create an environment or climate where you feel empowered

    • to be with or explore your thoughts, feelings and aspects of your life important to you
    • in a way perhaps not possible with friends or family

How long does counselling last?

This varies and depends on the nature of your concerns or difficulty, how helpful you find counselling, and how long you wish to continue in counselling… As a guide we might meet for

    • 1, 2 or 3 meetings (sometimes one or a few meetings offer sufficient help)
    • up to 10 to 20 meetings
    • up to 30 or 40 meetings

I have worked with children, young people and adults suffering with anxiety, stress, depression, low mood, trauma, dissociation, loss and change, abuse (physical, emotional, sexual), self-harm, suicidal ideation/thoughts about suicide, relationship difficulties and people searching for meaning or significant change in their lives.